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 Fee Agreement

Service fees are on a contingency basis and are payable if, and only if, you engage the services of a candidate that has been referred to you, directly or indirectly, through our efforts.  The fee is payable should you or your affiliate engage such a candidate for any position within one year after our most recent communication relating to such candidate.  Candidates are referred to you in confidence.  Should you refer or otherwise identify such a candidate to another company which hires the candidate, you and the hiring company shall be responsible for the payment of the fee.  In the event that the terms and conditions contained herein do not reflect your understanding, please call us immediately.

We agree to work with you at a 30% service fee according to your company policy of the base salary to be earned by the candidate that you employ during such candidate’s first twelve (12) months of employment.  The estimate is to be determined by the employer, the candidate and ourselves at the time the candidate accepts the position of employment.

We will replace the employee in the event that the employee hired through us terminates or is terminated from his or her position of employment, for any reason whatsoever, within thirty (30) days from the date the employee commenced said employment, provided that the employer notifies us, in writing, of all of the facts relating to the termination of said employment within five (5) business days after said termination.  This guarantee is not applicable in the event that the employment is terminated because the employer has insufficient work for the employee.  This guarantee is to allow you to satisfy that the candidate has the requisite experience and qualifications, and that information provided by the candidate and other sources, directly or through us, is accurate.  This guarantee shall be your sole remedy.

We will invoice you for our services when the candidate accepts employment, and a start date is determined.  Our terms are “Net-Due Upon Receipt of the Invoice.”  The guarantee referred to is valid only if we receive payment of our service fees, in full, within thirty (30) days from the employee start date.

You acceptance of referrals from us shall be conclusive evidence of your acceptance of our schedule of charges, terms and conditions, unless we have signed a written modification. 

It is our pleasure to be of service to you and to work with you towards the successful fulfillment of your personnel requirements.


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